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Do you have an itch for this ‘writing lark’? If you do, you can do no better than to write your own blog which is an excellent way to let off steam or perhaps get your thoughts out into the wider World. And It’s FREE! You can also use a blog to record your Family History or maybe share your favourite photos, holiday experiences – even write a travel log of the places you’ve visited over the years.

It’s not as hard as you may think, in fact, I’ve made it easier by writing a page all about it so you can start one off right now. Just go to the menu up there and click on the Write Your Own Blog and take a look.


Here’s a little bit about me from my aboutme.com page. If you haven’t got your own about me page yet, click on this link and make your own. If you’re a savvy internet guru already or a budding 21st century entrepreneur … best to get one now! there’s no obligation and each page is fully customizable, so what are you waiting for it’s FREE!


Baz Baron is a member of the online Writers Community Workshop where he enters short story competitions and is working on his first children’s novel, ‘The Dragon and Turkana Boy’ together with ‘The Offbeat Pirates’
One of his short stories for children, ‘The Magpie Witch’ is published in a children’s anthology entitled,

Reading is Magic (Children’s Anthology Book 1)

Yet, another of his short stories for children, ‘Danny and the Tree House Dragon’ is published in a children’s anthology entitled,

A Test of Time (Children’s Anthology Book 3)

Both available from Amazon.co.uk with all proceeds donated to the NSPCC.