She first appeared to me in a dream. I have seen her many times before. This time though, to see her in the flesh excites me with renewed trust. Her head adorns a gold aureole which glints amongst the stars with a desire – a desire to reach across the seven seas and enlighten the globe.

She towers over me, her raised arm high above the swirling mist. A lofted hand reveals a flicker of flame, a beacon perhaps, to light the way. Succulent lips pout and speak a silent message from, Emma’s thoughts. Soon a gentle breeze erupts and wafts the swirl into a gossamer cloak. All is then revealed enrobed in green, her majestic form in all its glory beckons, for what, we have yet to discover.

When I awake and look around me, hope turns to dismay. The world is hungry – the weak – the poor – the sick – are still dying. Freedom has all but disappeared, can she inspire once more. I think not. The chains around her feet hold her fast to the ground.

Wait – they are broken, have faith. We forget the words on the tabula Ansata – all men are created equal.


La Liberté éclairant le monde

Published by Baz Baron

Naturally I'm a lovely person to know, but as D'Arcy says 'My good opinion once lost is lost forever.'

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