Russian Navy

I see they’re at it again. Truth of the matter is, Vlad the Lad is willy waving again. Why do the British government’s propaganda news channel persist in its scaremongering piffle? If Vlad the Lad wanted to invade our Island he could do it in a heartbeat. bbcpicture1Our dwindling military are so thinly spread (even our nukes) are outdated. If the truth’s known pictures of the Russian Navy vessels featuring the likes of the Admiral Kuznetzov will be splashed all over the front pages in the morning (20th October). Sling in a couple of F-35 B Lightning II aircraft e78e2037_5056_a318_a89209e9ab776da0for good measure and a headline stating, IS THIS THE START OF WW3 and Bob’s your uncle the MSM can sell an extra few hundred newspapers. Me on the other hand, I’ll be sitting by the fire with a steaming mug of tea singing “There’ll be blue birds over…the white cliffs of Dover…tomorrow just you wait and seeeeeeeeeeeeee!”admiral-kuznetsov-1024x768


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