Write your own Blog

It’s easier than you think.

Step 1 Click on here I want a blog then click Get Started on the WordPress page. Have a look down the list of subjects and click on one that you’re interested in then go through the five steps – there’s plenty of Help available, but if you get stuck come back here. Have a play around clicking on other stuff. Don’t worry, you won’t damage anything. When you’re ready, come back here and follow the next step.

Step 2 Good, so you’ve had a play about with some of the stuff right? What you need to do next is to think about what sorts of things you’re going to blog about. Maybe it’s a hobby or something else you know a lot about, just have it in mind what your overall theme is going to be. I had a couple of blogs on the go – bazbaron.wordpress.com which was my (writing blog) the one you’re on now, and bazzersnews.wordpress.com you’ll notice I’ve chosen different designs for them to reflect the content.

Step 3 By following the simple steps on WordPress you should finish up with your very own blog. If you have any specific questions that you can’t find an answer for, use the comments below and I’ll do my best to help you. Above all, have fun and happy blogging.

Published by Baz Baron

Naturally I'm a lovely person to know, but as D'Arcy says 'My good opinion once lost is lost forever.'

I love comments :-)

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