If Horses Could Talk

A bright sunny day I watch the church clock
'cause soon I'm sure, we'll be clippity clop
My name is Maggie, heavy horse, bay
And my rider, she's blushingly pretty I would say
A walk around the stables we both shall go
Then out in the fields, just me and my Bo
I do, much love our country hacks
But first we must travel bitty dirt tracks
High in the saddle, Bo ruffles my mane
Then soon we trot up Sandpits Lane
Up the steep hill right to the top
Just me and my girl with a clippity clop
Some days we dress fancy which makes you blink
What a picture we'd make in our matching pink
My delicate fly-veil and Bo's Fouganza hat
Chance for a selfie, now howz about that?
We are both spick and span, before we do canter
Better rein in tight girl, so's I don't decant yer
I kick and waft meadowsweet high in the air
We smile at field walkers who smile back and stare
Galloping free brings music to your ears
The fly-veil works well and saves me from tears
Laughing and breathless my Bo reins in tight
As we head to Hill farm and take it full flight
Both out of breath now, we head back for home
Just Bo and me and by 'eck, we did roam
If horses could talk I'd tell the wide world
How she slips from the saddle, arms unfurled
The girl on my back has twink-a-ling eyes
She paints beautiful rainbows in clouded skies
Oh, I'm a Clydesdale, y'know just a heavy bay
And by the way Bo's a pretty girl, did I just say?
Back at the stables I watch from straw bed
The sun setting down, like a hot chunk of lead
Soon magic eyes flicker while counting the sheep
With your catcher of dreams Bo, now you can sleep
The man in moon he's, well, counting the stars
So dream your little dream Bo, I love you to Mars
Maggie and Bo - forever friends ©2020

Published by Baz Baron

Naturally I'm a lovely person to know, but as D'Arcy says 'My good opinion once lost is lost forever.'

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