Violins and Six Strings

Starski and Wendywoo
Starski and Wendywoo

Violins and Six Strings

You must work out a riddle 'bout Pegasus wings
Then whisper the answer til your big heart sings
If I tell you I'm piebald, does that help at all?
My name is Starski, and I'm five feet tall
My incredible rider, a pure Gypsy Queen
Cares for me lovingly when she's on the scene
She approaches, flicks pony, a true thorough, bred
But often me wonder the song in her head
Hooman's think that - horse whisper's easy
It isn't you know, you'd better believe me
It's not about words but feeling inside
And I feel Wendywoo whenever we ride
The ring on her finger I see all the time
I nudge on her shoulder to tell her all's fine
An E-gyptian ring that sparkles her words
But the mouse in my stable only knows the cat's purrs
The steadying bass tones of her hooman called, Bob
If he were a Swan, then he is piebald Cob
Campfires and dancing to Gipsy music pure
Just violins and six strings and saying, "tabby sure."
I sigh then I Whinny, let prancing continue
I snort my big nose as they dance a bit Zulu
Her spark-a-ling words always give me the sign
And her arms round my neck that says you are all mine
Me do scratch big bum, upon heavy hay bar
And stablemate Kizzy look funniest by far
Dopey sheep see my nose, in his ewe bin
Kizzy stand there watching doing nothing but grin
Starski ruled by stomach for most of the time
And believe it or not, he committed big crime
Me accused to steal, the sweet Polo Mint
Wendywoo look at me with a definite squint
But she whispers the secret that only horse know
And forgives me with giggles then grants me one more
Starski is lucky to have Queen of wild rose
Then away from the stable, my Gipsy Queen goes

Published by Baz Baron

Naturally I'm a lovely person to know, but as D'Arcy says 'My good opinion once lost is lost forever.'

I love comments :-)

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