Who is Grumpy Banana?

So, I have waited 60 years for this day. I finally plonked my bum in the saddle and had my first ride on a proper horse. Starski is his name and he’s a beutiful piebald Gypsy Cob owned by the lovely, Wendywoo Watson.

https://youtu.be/PS8LRy1MsfQI was so taken up with him after writing him and Wendy a poem (Violins and Six Strings) you’ll find it under the poetry tab, that Wendy offered me the once in a lifetime chance of riding him. Naturally, I jumped at the chance. Follow this link to take a look what happened next. Dreamcatchers do Work!

Grumpy in disguise

As well as writing stories after retirement, I needed to escape from the frazzled brain of, Baz Baron the writer. While I get a great deal of pleasure from coming up with story ideas I began to find that writing consumes you, or at least it will if you allow it to.

This is when, Grumpy came to help. Grumpy Banana in real life became Grumpy B’stard during the Brexit debate, which was raging at the time. It wasn’t a new idea the inspiration was born out of self-made video’s by Jonathan Pie and Cian twomey and their hilarious alter egos.

If you haven’t met them yet, you should, links open in another window but beware of foul language. Then come back here and see my first effort of Grumpy B’stard on the run-up to the Brexit debate here. Grumpy B’stard on Brexit.

So, that’s how my alter ego came into being, and the other video’s at MrBazzer2011 still having a lot of fun with it and it really is a stress buster, so have a go yourself and let me know how you get on. Cheers Baz.

Published by Baz Baron

Naturally I'm a lovely person to know, but as D'Arcy says 'My good opinion once lost is lost forever.'

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