The end of History as we know it?

Roman Mosaic

It seems that not content with watching with impunity at the deliberate destruction of a civic statue in Bristol. Also taking the knee in front of baying mobs in London, the ‘PC’ police force in this country can no longer be trusted to enforce the law.

Now, we have the Mayor of London setting up a commission to investigate the possible dismantling of statues in and around the capital city. Do these people not realise that; if Great Britain hadn’t been invaded by the Roman Empire. (Notably the first of the modern slave traders.) After that, gifting us with their technology, none of us would be here to tell the tale?

Next, the loony left will no doubt turn to every town and village in the UK (which also bear the influence of the Romans) demanding that they do the same. Eradicating History, as we know it.

Published by Baz Baron

Naturally I'm a lovely person to know, but as D'Arcy says 'My good opinion once lost is lost forever.'

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