Are You teaching Your children to live in Fear?

Are You teaching Your children to live in Fear?

Unwittingly, maybe you are. It may be a consequence of your inability of where to find answers or just pure laziness of not wanting to seek the truth?

Unintended? I’m sure it is. But, now is the time to face up to the reality of the situation. Do some of your own research.

Help yourself: Use the links in this article as a starting point for obtaining a more balanced view of what the Covid-19 panic is all about.

Help yourself: To make better judgements on whether you want your own ‘normal’ or the Government’s ‘New Normal’.

Let me refresh your memory.

  • Panic buying and stripping supermarket shelves at the outset?
  • Waking up every day for news of the daily death count?
  • Glued to the MSM News channels for their (un)biased opinion?
  • Imprisoned in your own home for three weeks, then six, then nearly a half-year?
  • Schools shut, public transport shut down, industry shutdown, Doctors surgeries even?
  • Strange unrest and desecrated statues and monuments?
  • Simultaneous events throughout the World?
  • Mandatory wearing of face muzzles?
  • Lately, Fear mongering over a second wave?
  • Talk of mandatory vaccination programs?

I’m seventy years old now and if I’m lucky I have ten more years on the planet. Before that time is up, I am dedicated to spreading the word about the BIGGEST SCAM of the century. I have joined an ever-increasing group of like-minded selfless citizens on the internet. If you have doubts about what’s happening to our ‘normal’ lives? I will be posting a full version of this post, with relevant links to the other information websites/YT channels in a couple of days. In the meantime, here’s a sample: Edited on 29th July 2020 to include the full article.

Freddie of the VIPs interview channel LockdownTV – Unherd is a very articulate interviewer who has big names on his shows. You won’t see this sort of in-depth question and answer session on mainstream and it’s brilliant for finding the real truth around the World.

Mike Graham on Talk Radio Monday to Friday 10am-1pm is another place to receive a more balanced view of current affairs. Along with colleagues, 6:30am-10am-Julia-Hartley Brewer and 4pm-10pm-Dan Wootton. Real news and interviews as it used to be.

Anna Brees Ex-BBC presenter

Anna has another up-coming channel which will open your eyes at all the misinformation and skulduggery going on. In particular, in the MSM (mainstream media) from this presenter who has been ferreting away these last few months seeking the truth. Make sure to click on her community page for her latest post and information. Recently, Anna has uploaded videos made by ordinary people around the country who have long realised that something strange is happening in our lives.

Mahyar Tousi‘s YT channel is yet another great source on up to date information on current affairs I recommend you watch. Mahyar broadcasts daily news at 5:45pm GMT and also a daily vlog on the channel at 8:00pm GMT. He also has guest speakers on to discuss issues on a range of political subjects relevant at the present time, especially London and parliament. His tag-line is Freedom, Democracy and Sovereignty.

We Got A Problem The guy who runs this channel has a, shall we say, unorthodox reporting method. Never-the-less his rapid delivery on all things current would sound great coming from the despatch box in the Houses of Parliament. There is a caveat here though, don’t expect the Queens English from the guy – he knows more swear words than even the dockers of old have ever heard of. To give a short idea of what I mean, he lets his members vote for ‘The Shitweasel of the Week’, so watch out!

Peter Whittle, So What You’re Saying Is… Is one of my favourite channels for in-depth discussions. There’ll be no more chucking a brick at the telly watching inferior programmes like BBC Question Time any more!

So What You’re Saying is… is THE channel to watch.

Peter says this, “NCFs CounterCulture is our weekly discussion programmes. Our goal is to provide what the MSM won’t: a platform for leading voices & experts from politics, culture, academia etc. to engage in civil, constructive and enlightening debates & discussions on the most critical & controversial issues of today”.

Jeff Taylor’s channel is I suppose like a home affairs spokesman and broadcasts daily 6+minute videos on subjects more relevant to the British Isles.

This is what, Jeff has to say, “For independence and democracy! This channel is dedicated to politics, political news and political commentary. It is predominantly aimed at UK politics from a centre-right perspective. Still, it delves into all areas of global politics where appropriate. It also seeks to promote the concept of an independent and the sovereign UK taking its own place in the World, post-Brexit”.

Tag-line= And if you want to see more of him, buy a mug!

Paz of Ex-Army Paz 49 is smarter than you think. Being ex-military, he is dedicated to seeing our great country survive an onslaught of evil from ner-do-wells. Paz should be supported as he expresses his opinion on a wide range of current issues besmirching the World. Comical at times with his ad-hoc live streams, sometimes in his chicken house in the back garden in the dead of night. But, Paz try’s to put a more positive slant on life and at the same time calling out those with the intent on destroying our great country and should be applauded for it. You should listen to him.

Now it’s your turn? Do the research and find the answers.

That’s all for now, folks. Peace out!

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