Covid vs Car theft

Covid vs Car theft

A simple analogy:

A virus is a virus and they adapt to their environment!

Boffins come up with a brilliant idea to lessen the effect of contagion (which is a harmful, corrupting influence).

In the case of a disease (like Covid), the idea of a vaccine was born to eradicate the offending bug. Great!

Ever since the dawn of time, everything adapts to a varying environment. Hence this new strain of the virus.

I can remember the time when car theft began to escalate. Brilliant ideas came forth, the car alarm was born. The rogue car thief found a way around it, cars were still being stolen. The boffins came up with a super-duper anti-theft device ( a satellite tracker) do they work? The rogue car thieves found a way around it, they adapted to a new environment. I rest my case.

Published by Baz Baron

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