So, what’s Baz Baron all about?

Reading is Magic

Who am I

Well, for one thing, Chris is my first name in real life. The Baz bit came about during my early school years in the 1950s. As all kids did then, and I presume they still do it in 2020? My pals shortened the Baron bit to Baz. The rest they say is…

Eva and Norman

Talking of which? I am the fifth son of Norman and Eva Baron born, 1908 and 1915, respectively. I have four sisters and five brothers, so if you add that little lot up we were a family of twelve, that is six boys and four girls plus mam and dad.

Living in a four-bed council house on a brand spanking new satellite estate in Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire. They were hard times, although I treasure the love and bonds we have between us. As I am writing this in June 2020, we brothers and sisters are still in good health, and I hope it will be so for a few more years yet.

 If you care to take a look, I have written about my family history dating back to 1700AD. There are still loads of gaps to fill, and before I add to the statistics, I hope to fill in more of the blanks.

I am now retired and then some. As you’ll no doubt find out on my website, one of my favourite past-times is writing, literally about anything that takes my fancy, but mainly children’s stories, after all, “Reading is Magic”. Another thing, to chill me out and keep me sane (or insane if you like) in these strange times, I have been producing videos of one type or another. It’s what you do, isn’t it? Anyway, it keeps me out of trouble.

Well, that’s enough for now. Over the coming weeks and months, if you’re still reading my pages, I’m sure you’ll learn a little bit more about me and sincerely hope you enjoy what I write. If so, please use the social media buttons to like and share my pages

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