In human terms, Wally my ageing cat would be a pensioner like me. As a seventy-year-old, I wish I was still as agile as he. It was four-thirty, I’d been up long enough to make a steaming brew. Then sit out in the back garden to enjoy the tranquillity and fresh morning air as theContinue reading “Survival”

The Truth Is Still Out There

”We are the Gods now” proclaimed Peter Weyland head of the global cybernetics company, The Weyland Corporation.

Baz, in real life?

Is the grandad of Jack Barclay? Or he’d like to be. When I first started writing about, Jack and Billy the Dragon, I was semi-retired and working as the caretaker/site manager at Bilton Community Primary School. It soon became clear to me what a delight it was engaging in small talk with the children atContinue reading “Baz, in real life?”

My Upside Down Smile

My smile is upside down at the moment. Time with flesh and Cloudy blood friends flew by faster than the farts from Le Pétomane’s arse cheeks. However, I met a new girl at the weekend. Stefania is her name. At least, that’s the name I christened her after watching a shooting star grace the heavensContinue reading “My Upside Down Smile”

Anyone for Cricket?

In the days of yore, when I was a Bazzette, I enjoyed my sport. One beautiful day in Secondary School, my skinny frame and I, was on the playing field engrossed in a cricket match between class 2a and 2b. Of course, no elf and safety in those days meant playing without protective equipment. IContinue reading “Anyone for Cricket?”

If Horses Could Talk

A bright sunny day I watch the church clock ’cause soon I’m sure, we’ll be clippity clop My name is Maggie, heavy horse, bay And my rider, she’s blushingly pretty I would say A walk around the stables we both shall go Then out in the fields, just me and my Bo   I do,Continue reading “If Horses Could Talk”

Write your own Blog

It’s easier than you think. Step 1 Click on here I want a blog then click Get Started on the WordPress page. Have a look down the list of subjects and click on one that you’re interested in then go through the five steps – there’s plenty of Help available, but if you get stuckContinue reading “Write your own Blog”