Baz, in real life?

Is the grandad of Jack Barclay? Or he’d like to be. When I first started writing about, Jack and Billy the Dragon, I was semi-retired and working as the caretaker/site manager at Bilton Community Primary School. It soon became clear to me what a delight it was engaging in small talk with the children atContinue reading “Baz, in real life?”

Violins and Six Strings

Violins and Six Strings You must work out a riddle ’bout Pegasus wings Then whisper the answer til your big heart sings If I tell you I’m piebald, does that help at all? My name is Starski, and I’m five feet tall   My incredible rider, a pure Gypsy Queen Cares for me lovingly whenContinue reading “Violins and Six Strings”

If Horses Could Talk

A bright sunny day I watch the church clock ’cause soon I’m sure, we’ll be clippity clop My name is Maggie, heavy horse, bay And my rider, she’s blushingly pretty I would say A walk around the stables we both shall go Then out in the fields, just me and my Bo   I do,Continue reading “If Horses Could Talk”