Tell me a story

Your Name on it?

We all have a story inside us to tell? What’s yours?

Baz Baron 2020

You know, we all have a story to tell. My first attempt at putting words on paper won’t have been much different from yours. Do you remember when you were little, and you moved on up to ‘big school’? How scary it seemed. Well, the chances are, you were not the only one. You lived to tell the tale.

Now, let me ask you a question, that, like any other time in your life was full of trepidation, drama, good things, bad things? The basis for your story. Now grab a notebook and pen/pencil or if you feel more comfortable, open up your laptop/notepad and put a few words down as you recall some of the main events while you were in grade school.


The excitement of dressing in your brand new uniform, would your new friends match up to your old ones. Teachers, what about those? Good, bad, who was the best, who was the worst? Do you get the picture?

Try and write bullet points down of your memories, moving from the relative comfort of ‘baby’ school up to the sterner grade school regime.

By doing all of this in note-form gives you the basis of filling out the in-between bits with the conflict and emotion required to tell a good story.

Fiction writers develop their story ideas in the same way. It’s called plotting. You come up with an idea, make a few notes off the top of your head and gradually fill in the gaps with drama and conflict, regardless of genre. Doing this is the story arc. So, you end up with the classic, beginning, middle and end of your story.

In this example, you begin on the move up to ‘big school’ the dramas and conflict (middle) and hopefully a (great ending).

Maybe writing a story seems challenging, to begin with, but if you break it down into say, the first year, the second year etc. then you end up with what? Six or seven chapters which build-up to the time you finally leave with quadruple star grades and go onto University. That can be story two, and so on.

So, there you go, what are you waiting for, tell me a story?

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